In order to maximize your recovery efforts, it is critical to have recovery agents who communicate well and are completely thorough in their field efforts. It is also important that the vendor agents know that we care about their well being and continued existence in an ever changing and competitive recovery landscape.

Our long-standing practice is to pay the recovery agents what they are worth and to be a complete pass through cost to our clients without any mark-ups. This in turn causes our recovery agents to work harder on our accounts, run each address more times, knock on more neighbors doors and thoroughly vet every address.

Not only does this policy generate higher recovery rates for our clients, it also greatly reduces the risk of having any potential issues with debtors, while upholding the highest standards and image for your organization.

We will not claim to have close-knit relationships with an agent in every single zip code in the entire nation. Through the relationships we have built with our existing agents and leaders of the major recovery associations, we can quickly locate and forge good relationships with honest recovery agents with a single phone call because of our reputation and unique treatment of our recovery vendors.

Each repossession company in our network carries a minimum $1,000,000 bond, is fully insured and has the latest tow and transport equipment and highly trained staff to ensure the safe and proper recovery, storage and transportation of your assets.

Our managed recovery services will enable your staff to spend their time on their core competencies, whether it is collecting additional payments from delinquent customers or generating new loans or leases for your company’s portfolio.

Contact us today to learn about how our industry leading recovery practices will increase your recovery rates and add value to your bottom line.

Save a Repo Program

Our ‘Save a Repo’ program came about when one of our clients called up and had a paying customer, who wanted to keep their car, but could not afford to pay the dealership $4,000 to replace their engine. We contacted one of our many parts companies, who provided us with a fair priced engine. We had the customer’s vehicle picked up by one of our transport vendors and had it delivered to our mechanic in the area. We then had the engine delivered to the mechanic. Within 2 weeks, the engine was installed for less than half of the cost of which the customer was initially quoted. The debtor paid for half of the total cost and the client picked up the other half of the bill and tacked that amount to the back of the loan.

We did not mark up a single dime on the engine or the install. Best of all, the customer paid the loan all the way through to the end of the term. Repo saved! Win, win! This service is only available for existing clients.